Company Profile


In 2006, our Company Besttel commenced the manufacture of steel carcass of Bedding-Sofa and Seating Group needed by the furniture industry in a closed area of 7000 m2 as the affiliate of Kar-as which is our parent company. Besttel manufactures carcass pocket springs for 2000 sofas, 1200 beds and 1300 seating groups at daily capacity. Our carcass pocket springs are manufactured in accordance with the purchase order and packed in 10 rolls after being pressed. Thus, the costs of placement and handling during transportation are minimized. Our company ranked and ranks among the leading companies in the industry by prioritizing the principle of quality and trust in a short span of time and increasing its manufacturing capacity and range of products. Having stepped into automation system since 2010, Besttel doubled its capacity in 2015. Besttel exports 80% portion of manufactured goods, contributing to the national economy. Having proven itself in European and Middle Eastern continents, Besttel is proud to present its products. It maintains its dynamic growth. As Besttel, our manufactured goods are customer oriented, capable of meeting their request in accordance with the universally cutting-edge technology.